European Spring: Time to Celebrate Asparagus!

Travel type: easy culture tours join in basis

Duration: 10days

Tour date: April 16-25 May 13-22 June 18-27 July 13-22,21-30 August 13-22, 17-26 September 7-16, 17-26

Land cost inside Tibet: $1298 per person

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Expense include

Wander through Roman catacombs
Take a dip in Cleopatra's Bath at the Oasis of Siwa
Sleep under the stars in the desert
See the grand burial sites of the pharaohs
Explore vibrant Cairo
Experience Nubian hospitality
Cruise down the Nile on a felucca

Expense not include

Start: Cairo, Egypt
Finish: Cairo, Egypt
Group size: Min 1 , Max 16
Ages: Min 15
Included Activities
Overnight felucca sailing trip
White Desert 4WD safari